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An incredibly motivating and convenient way of getting the results you want! With programmes sent straight to your phone and a qualified expert on hand to answer any questions, getting results has never been easier.

You want the results, but you’re not sure where or how to start.
You’ve tried every diet in the book and failed.
It’s not your fault! Only a 1/5th of dieters last a month and ¼ make it to three months, as let’s face it, there isn’t many sustainable options advertised to us.

This is why we have designed several different online coaching packages, to suit each individual, meaning your plan is sustainable and enjoyable for you. You will get levels of support that you have not experienced before, from industry experts.

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  • Flexibility

    The freedom to train on your own schedule, anywhere!

  • Money Saving

    You still have access to top coaches, but at a fraction of the cost of personal training.

  • Accountability

    You have a personal trainer in your pocket! Online training offers regular check ins and support from a coach, our system links to our heart rate monitor system, Myzone, so we can see if you're working hard enough!

  • Results

    We tailor your programme and guarantee you results by the end of your training.



Being so into my fitness regime it was a big blow when I found myself suffering with a back injury, whilst I had to put my running on hold I continued my weekly PT sessions at MW Fitness which was a l...


Having been accepted into the Berlin Marathon earlier in the year, I was panicking a bit because I hadn't done much running at all - I couldn't physically run for more than a mile or so because of a p...

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