As I sit here today writing a blog about health at fitness in some quiet down time, I thought I would discuss something that needs to be in everyone’s life in some element, especially in any health and fitness goals, and that’s MOTIVATION.

Every single one of my clients has had, lost and built motivation in different ways and over different lengths of time, for different goals.

In my opinion when a client first comes to me, their motivation for being here, and having Personal Training is more often than not a negative experience or emotion. Whether it be they weren’t happy with the way that they looked in the mirror, experienced a negative comment from someone, didn’t like the fit of clothing, ran for the bus and got out of breath, had a family bereavement due to diabetes/heart issues etc, they end up deciding that they need some help and motivation to change things.

Firstly I want to say that I think that its GREAT that these clients took that step, as it is a massive step in to the unknown for a lot of people, coupled with the fact that I love my job and the effect I have on peoples lives. However, that doesn’t mean I don’t find it sad that that is the state of affairs in our day and age. These motivating factors are often our strongest reasons for deciding to do something. Lets take for example a recent trip of mine to Asia where I visited a close friend of mine (which for the record was my first experience of travelling, and alone!). He had been trying to convince me for four years to come and see Asia and what it had to offer, and it took him saying “Your never going to come mate, I will believe it when I see it”.

Although these motivations might well be strong, they are often short lived. For example, reducing your blood pressure because your father suffered with high blood pressure (a very common male motivator for getting into health, fitness and exercise!) is relatively easy to change, and once it has been achieved motivation can dwindle until the client feels they need not carry on anymore. Alternatively they become more motivated for something that contradicts these goals. A key example here is usually work, as someone deems (with good reason in cases!) it is more important to keep their job, provide more money for their family, gain a promotion, than it is to keep Personal Training every week.

I think this is where Personal Training comes into its own if you have a good Personal Trainer (PT). Not only will you hopefully have a PT that has helped you take steps towards your original goal, they will also have pointed out and achieved added benefits for you. This will add value and motivation for you and you’ll become much more likely to find time for your training rather than saying “this time is better used doing…..”. Secondly you may have already reached your original goal, what then? Well whether you’re a highly motivated individual or have a PT aiding you, you should have shifted the goal posts. Lets say you wanted to lose half a stone and increase your fitness levels (Great! who wouldn’t want to?!) and you’ve achieved that, should you now stop? Of course not!! Don’t you want to put your newfound fitness to use? How about run a 5k for charity? Drop another 2% body fat as you’re at your ideal weight but want to trim up? Or be able to squat your own body weight? There is always another step!

These have now become positive goals, you’ve betted yourself in one way successfully and now your just taking little steps that are personal to you! Your health and fitness has now become a very personal thing, and once that’s happened it will usually become a habit, but that’s a topic for another day!