Bootcamp, Fitness and Weight loss Holidays

Chances are that if you attend the gym or a personal training studio regularly you will have seen various adverts encouraging you to attend all sorts of fitness classes and bootcamps. Often these bespoke fitness classes will take place at your local fitness centre or gym.

Fitness classes of course are a great way to pursue a specialist fitness programme that really interests you. While at the same time focussing on your fitness, weight loss or body toning objectives.

However did you know that you can take bootcamp classes and personal fitness training classes a whole step further? In short you can go on holiday bootcamps, albeit a very different kind of holiday to those that you maybe used to partaking in the past.

Holiday Bootcamps and Fitness Breaks

Forget any notions of sunbathing all day, or indulging in high calorie foods, wines and snacks by the pool. What we are talking about here are fitness holidays and holiday bootcamps. These are extended breaks where you take time away from home to attend a well equipped health centre or ‘fitness farm’ to aggressively target your health, weight loss and personal fitness aims through structured exercise and activities.

Beach Bootcamp

Pictured : A gruelling early morning beach bootcamp

In most cases these are not run of the mill heath centres either. Rather fully fledged fitness camps that are held in all sorts of interesting locations. It is true that attending such a place is a holiday of sorts but not in the style of break that you are used to.

A Broad Range of Tailored Fitness Classes

Expect to engage in a broad range of classes custom designed to meet your own personal fitness objectives. Classes such as bootcamps, high energy sports such as tennis and athletics. As well as opportunities to try out more unusual types of fitness classes such as sailing or horse riding and classes that relax the mind such as yoga.

These are bespoke activity holidays and the beauty is in the very broad mix of activities that it is possible to engage in. Fitness holidays and bootcamps take place all around the world.

Boot camps in particular are both collaborative exercise opportunities and effective ways to lose weight and tone up while spending quality time on holiday. Imagine waking up to find that the first order of the day is an hour long beach work out, swiftly followed by a long swim in the sea.

Bootcamps and fitness holidays may be particularly popular in the United Kingdom but they are gathering pace and popularity elsewhere in the world also. Imagine going to Ibiza, not to party but to work out and focus on personal fitness goals.

Bespoke Exercises, Sports and Activities

Travelling far away to pursue personal fitness dreams is a good idea as it encourages greater focus. There are less distractions caused by every day life. During a typical 4-7 day fitness holiday, attendees will experience a broad range of custom designed classes.

Activities ranging from early morning bootcamps to long distance running, cycling and swimming. The day will be broken up into a carefully selected mix of activities curated around the personal fitness goals that are important to you.

Healthy Eating, Education and Lifestyle

Not only does a fitness holiday present a targeted opportunity to try a wide mix of exercise classes, activities and sports. These kind of lifestyle breaks also educate travellers on other important issues such as healthy eating and maintaining ideal weight over the long term. Part of the fitness break will include experiencing new cuisine and learning about important foods and their ideal consumption.

Forget calorie rich meals and the traditional holiday foods like pizza and burgers. Instead you can expect to be served a very different range of healthy treats that will broaden your horizons when it comes to healthy eating.

Meeting New Likeminded People

Not only that, a fitness holiday is an opportunity to meet and network with likeminded individuals that share your personal fitness goals and dreams. Chances are that you will meet people on a holiday bootcamp with whom you connect, sharing life stories and personal training experiences along the way.

In the UK there are specialist travel agents that cater for booking fitness holidays. However you should also consult your fitness studio or personal trainer for objective and unbiased advice on where to go.