Tennis Elbow, or is it?

Recently I have had 2 clients report injuries in their elbows (yes, injuries, they happen to the best of us. Reducing the chances of injury and aiding recovery – see my blog on injury prevention – is key to maintaining your training momentum!) and claim it as Tennis Elbow.

But is it? Tennis Elbow is a very common elbow injury to get from training, manual labour, activity. However it isn’t the only form of elbow pain that can affect you. Another injury that is extremely similar is Golfers Elbow, and the two have a lot of similarities!

Tennis Elbow is pain referring in the lateral epicondyle humerus (outside of the elbow joint) and down into your forearm. It’s classically bought on by tennis, however since rackets have become lighter other activities are the main cause. These include, but aren’t limited to; Jobs requiring repetitive heavy lifting, jobs requiring movement in awkward posture (arms in front of body) and new and unaccustomed activities like DIY or gardening.

Golfers Elbow still refers pain in your elbow joint, however it is around your medial epicondyle humerus (inside of the elbow joint) as well as into your forearm. Generally it is brought on by sports that require gripping or throwing, jobs and hobbies that require repetitive elbow movements – DIY, computer use or use of vibrating tools.

Elbow pain - which are you suffering from? Is it an Injury?

Elbow pain – the differences between Tennis and Golfers Elbow.

The advice to combat both of these conditions is similar though; modify activities that exacerbate or cause the pain/symptoms, avoid over use or flexion/extension of the wrist/elbow, ice the area regularly to reduce inflammation in the tendon and rehabilitation exercises to gradually increase strength in and around the area. You may also want to try some holistic healing approaches such as acupuncture for the area to aid recovery and reduce inflammation.

If you’re suffering from such conditions then feel free to contact us at the studio for our help/guidance, you can get hold of me at [email protected] , and if you want to try some of the treatments available at the studio such as acupuncture, physiotherapy or sports massage please contact the office at [email protected] , alternatively you can see what we offer at to “meet the team”.