My experiences through my first Personal Training session

I was apprehensive about my first training session, I have never really had a personal training session before, and wasn’t sure what to expect.

The only real experience of ‘personal training’ I have had was more like a supervised workout, such as running on the treadmill for 15 minutes, followed by a few sit-ups.

I’m not new too exercise, but I feel as though my gym routine wasn’t really helping me achieve my goals and I had hit a bit of a plateau. Although I was doing 30 minutes of cardio followed by weights, I felt as if I wasn’t working to my full potential, I would always break in-to a sweat but never really got my heart rate up enough or felt sore afterwards! I wasn’t sure how to mix up my workout or if I would be performing new exercises correctly.

That’s when I decided to try out personal training, I had a session booked in with Mark at MWFITNESS, which was all booked in online and I received an email confirmation. Upon arriving at MWFITNESS I was greeted by Mark, and filled out a form containing basic information. The form also asked ‘what are your main goals?’ Although I had some idea of the goals I wanted to achieve, I wasn’t sure how to achieve them and loved the idea of someone being able to guide me! Mark also took my body-fat percentage and we worked out my dream percentage and an achievable target of losing 0.5% a month.

Personal trainers - offer experience and qualified advice while providing accountability

Personal trainers – offer experience and qualified advice while providing accountability

For the session I wore a MyZone heart rate monitor. The monitor works out how hard you are working based on your heart rate, it also provides information such as how many calories you have burnt, and how many MEPs (MyZone Effort Points) you have gained. It was really motivating seeing all the information on the screen and it meant Mark could set targets throughout the workout such as staying above 80% of my maximum heart rate.

I was really impressed with the wide variety of equipment available at the studio, this ensured that my workout was varied and fun, and involved lots of exercises I had never tried before. We started on the rowing machine, and then moved on to using dumbbells, doing a variation of different squats and lunges. We then used the Bosu ball, in different ways such as pressing with the ball and doing sit ups. Mark also showed me how to incorporate the exercise ball in to my workout, as I have always seen other people using one, but wasn’t sure what to do with it myself.

Mark was really encouraging and motivating throughout the workout, letting me know when I needed to adjust my technique. Mark was also extremely knowledgeable and from my workout was able to tell me that my left quad was stronger than my right, I had no idea of this and now I know to train my legs separately so that my left leg isn’t doing all the work!

Motivation is my biggest downfall, if I’m not feeling particularly motivated that day it’s so easy to do a 20 minute pointless workout at the gym or not go at all! According to research you work 5-6 times harder with a trainer than you do by yourself. Also if you have a session booked in, you are 99% sure to go. The workout didn’t feel like a chore and it was way more interesting than running on the treadmill for 20 minutes! I almost felt sad that the session was over, and felt way more energised at the end of it.

I have never really had that ‘sore’ feeling after a workout, but the day after my session with Mark it hurt to sit down (and sneeze)! It was really rewarding knowing that I had worked my body hard and to its fullest potential.

I am definitely going to book in for further sessions and already feel excited at the prospect of the next one!