Four wonderful things that happen when you give up Diet Drinks – By Charlotte Gregory


There are many misconceptions surrounding the fact that diet drinks are better for you. The word diet in the label definitely does not equal health. Many people believe that because diet drinks are 0% sugar and 0% fat, they are good for your body. The truth is when the sugar and fat are taken away from something they are replaced with nasty chemicals, meaning that in many ways diet drinks are worse than regular. The sweetener found in most diet drinks is 200 times sweeter than regular sugar.

How does your health benefit from giving up Diet drinks?

What are the benefits to giving up those diet drinks you love so much?


1) Your brain will work and feel better!

Studies show that the chemicals in diet drinks literally rewire our brains, they damage nerve endings and alter the chemical balance. As soon as you cut out diet drinks the effects will begin to diminish, meaning you will think more clearly, sleep better, have fewer headaches and experience less feelings of anxiety.

2) You’ll crave foods that are better for you!

Your taste buds get so used to the extremely high sweetness of artificial sweeteners, that they are numb to more subtle sweetness, such as fruit. Studies have shown that the chemical found in diet drinks will make you crave sugary and fattening foods, and can lead to over eating. When you quit diet drinks, you’ll be able to satisfy your sweet tooth with healthier foods, and you’ll eventually prefer the taste. Diet drinks are so sweet that they do not satisfy your craving, they just make you crave more sugar.

Your sweet tooth is easier to 'fix' after cutting out diet drinks

Your body will not crave the same sweet fix’s

3) Your risk of diabetes will decrease!

When you stop drinking diet drinks, your pancreas can go back to the work load it is supposed to have, rather than the one artificial sweeteners force it in to performing. The overload of insulin your pancreas has to produce to compensate the consumption of diet drinks, dramatically increases your chances of developing type two diabetes. When you quit the diet drinks your hormone levels and pancreas can go back to normal.

4) Your Kidney’s will function better!

The other organ that suffers from consuming diet drinks are your kidneys. The kidneys are the waste filtering organ in your body, and they have to work overtime to get rid of all the unnatural ingredients you are putting in to your body found in diet drinks. By giving them up your kidneys can go back to absorbing minerals and stabilising your blood pressure.