As personal trainers in Bishops Stortford, we are all about healthy eating and keeping weight loss sustainable long term. By slightly changing your menu choices in restaurants and takeaways, you can stay on track without feeling that you’re missing out! As with this recent idea for a Bishops Stortford Curry.

A leaflet came through the MW Fitness door from the lovely Ruby’s in Bishop’s Stortford, which featured an “Ultimate Healthy Takeaway”. That sounded like an easy lifestyle change to us, so we tried it, we loved it, and we’re sharing it with you!

By combining chicken or salmon tikka or tandoori chicken with a crisp salad and a wholemeal chapati, you can have a fantastic tasty curry while avoiding any dietary pitfalls! You can even switch the Bengali dressing for yoghurt to turn it into a wrap!

The same healthier options are also available in their restaurant, along with loads more (almost) irresistible dishes. If you’re eating out this weekend remember:

Ruby's Curry House of Bishops Stortford - Bishops Stortford Curry

Ruby’s Curry House of Bishops Stortford: Be sure to drop by for a guilt free curry the next time you are in Stortford.

Mike’s top 5 tips for Bishops Stortford Curry!

1. Target the tandoor! Meat cooked in the clay tandoor oven is lower fat, as it literally drips out during the cooking process. Choose chicken or fish for the leanest, lowest fat, lowest calorie dishes.

2. Be careful with bread. Swap your usual naan bread for a roti or wholemeal chapatti – it contains less calories, and will fill you up for longer as the carbs break down slower.

3. Check the sauce. Steer clear of creamier sauces – tomato based sauces are a much better option, and again stick to chicken and fish if possible.

4. Keep it plain. The rice that is – boiled rice is the best option, and be careful about portion sizes!

5. Chill out! Ordered something too hot? Don’t wash it down with a pint of lager – ask for a spoonful or yoghurt to stir in – it will take a bit of the kick out!

Last But Not Least

Also, don’t be afraid to ask for a slightly altered dish. Ruby’s told us that they recently changed their onion bhajis to gluten free gram flour, and now make their dahl with lower fat, dairy free vegetable ghee, all based on customer feedback.

So if you’re not sure if you’ll like a new or different sauce, they’re happy for you to try a couple before you order, so you get a healthy, tasty dish that you love – we love that too!

Inspired by Ruby’s, a truly great Bishops Stortford Curry night;  we’re going to keep our eyes open via our blog page for other great, healthier restaurant choices in the area – more ideas for delicious, guilt free nights out to follow!


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