Finding time to exercise isn’t always easy when you’re juggling work, family and day to day errands – we know, personal trainers have to find ways to fit in our gym sessions too!

One of the best times to squeeze in an extra fitness session is first thing in the morning, and by improving your sleep habits, finding that magical extra hour might be easier than you think.

Morning workout

Stop snoozing and start the day feeling active and refreshed


5 more minutes…..

For many of us, our first important decision of the day is that we’re not quite ready to get started – we hit the snooze button and go back to sleep.

The problem with the snooze button is this: those extra 5 minutes won’t make you feel any less tired. In fact, they are scientifically proven to make you feel worse, and fragmented, interrupted sleep doesn’t count towards your total hours.

When you wake up naturally, your body starts preparing 2 hours before you actually wake. Your temperature begins to rise, sleep becomes lighter and the hormone cortisol is released to help your body manage stress. By the time you open your eyes, you’re ready to start the day.

Wide Awake Club

When your alarm goes off and you are in a deep sleep, your body is shocked awake, and when you press the snooze button and fall back into the beginning of a sleep cycle, you’re not softening the blow, you just repeat that same shock again, and by waking at irregular times, your body loses its sleep pattern.

Instead of waking feeling refreshed, you may suffer from “sleep inertia” – that groggy, fuzzy headed feeling that can stay with you for 2-4 hours after waking, affecting concentration, mood and attention span.

In summary, snoozing makes your morning harder.

So what’s the answer? Set your alarm clock for the actual time you need to get up, and get out of bed straight away. We’ve talked about the 5 Second Rule before (see our blog on creating healthy habits ) – this is a great place to start!

By doing this, you re-establish the link between the stimulus (alarm) and response (getting out of bed) which resets your sleep patterns – you will often wake just before the alarm feeling refreshed and ready to go.

By saving half an hour of snoozing, and being more productive during the morning, we have easily found you an extra hour every day for exercise, and there is no better time to get your trainers on and get the day off to a great start.

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