What Should I Wear When Working Out?

What should I wear when working out?


The most important gym clothing you will buy is your trainers.

If you’re not a big fan of blisters, shin splints or back, knee and hip pain, it’s a good idea to invest in a pair of trainers that fit you correctly – they really do make all the difference in protecting you from unnecessary injury by cushioning, supporting and absorbing impact to lessen the shock on your feet when you’re working hard in your personal training sessions.

When we are stretching you out at the end of your session, we often take the opportunity to have a look at the soles of your trainers. Believe it or not, they can tell us a lot about your injury risk.

  • If the tread is worn down it’s like driving on bald tyres – there’s a reason it’s illegal, because it’s dangerous! Without proper grip you are at risk of slipping and hurting yourself, particularly in wet or icy conditions. (If you run in cross terrain muddy conditions you need additional trainers with a deeper tread for increased grip).
  • If there is uneven wear it is a sign that your trainers don’t suit your running style. If your trainers are more worn on just the inside or outside, it means you over or under pronate (which means your foot rolls slightly inwards or outwards as you move) which isn’t a problem as long as you wear trainers that are designed to compensate

The easiest way to find the right pair of trainers is to get proper gait analysis before you buy. By videoing you running a few paces in different shoes on a treadmill, trained gait analysts can see your exact biomechanics and recommend the perfect trainers for your running style. This takes minutes and is offered completely free of charge at good running shops – try Runners World in Chelmsford or Up and Running in Cambridge. And take your current trainers with you – they will be just as interested in the tread as we are!

If you have got any questions or concerns about your current trainers, always ask your PT – we are happy to have a look.


The most important thing to bear in mind when choosing gym clothing is that you have a full range of motion. Make sure nothing is restricted – as you know we like to make sure every muscle is used!

It’s better to wear more fitted clothing, as it won’t ride up, move around or get in your way during active sessions, and make sure your gym kit is comfortable, breathable, and wicks moisture away from your skin – on occasion we might make you sweat!

Base layers under looser clothing are a popular choice as they regulate the body temperature and compress key muscles to help improve performance and recovery.

For women, make sure you invest in a good quality sports bra – try this great guide to getting the right style and accurate measurements, and remember you need to re-measure regularly as your body shape and size changes.

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