Our first ever 'Member of the Month' winner tells us her story.

There were a few factors that drove me to start training at MWFITNESS. I was 51 and had been gaining weight steadily for 10 or more years. I was feeling unfit and my joints were stiff. I finally felt like enough was enough! Since starting the program with MWFITNESS, I have lost weight changed my body shape and generally feel better about myself. I enjoy shopping for clothes – the first time in 20+ years! I like the fact that the program gives me a structure for exercise – I would never have achieved this on my own! My Trainer, Mark is knowledgeable, reliable and easy to work with and I trust his advice and skills. The outcomes achieved rely on a partnership but you must follow the advice and instruction given! If you commit to this for 6 months to a year, the rewards become evident- healthy living is not achieved in a few weeks.



Being so into my fitness regime it was a big blow when I found myself suffering with a back injury, whilst I had to put my running on hold I continued my weekly PT sessions at MW Fitness which was a life saver.

Both Mike & Jo were amazing at encouraging me both physically and mentally throughout my rehabilitation. They were positive and reassured me when I was down about my recovery, remaining focused on getting me fit again by listening to my concerns and making a plan that I felt confident with on how we would achieve it. Together we spent my sessions strengthening my core and glutes doing a variety of exercises, eventually in a short space of time building up to be able to push myself harder back into my normal training routine feeling confident and stronger. Mike and Jo focused on giving me direction and the confidence to explore other forms of exercise and to realise that running isn't the be all and end all! I would highly recommend working through any injury with the team at MW Fitness, their knowledge was paramount in my recovery and I trusted them completely to know how would get to be back to where I needed to be fitness wise.



I'm always amazed that after 8 years Mike still finds new exercises for me to try! My sessions are varied and fun and I always feel more energised by the end. Mike is incredibly knowledgeable and approachable. He has a happy and positive demeanour and is always available to offer well-considered advice.


With Mike’s expert knowledge and support I have totally changed my body shape and feel fitter now than when I was in my twenties. I‘m not going to say its not without hard work and I still have some way to go but with Mikes support I am not at all daunted by this prospect and I would recommend personal training to anyone wanting to lose weight, get fitter and generally just feel more energised.